Feb 24, 2011


My written English is poor but since I don´t speak any Turkish, I must write in English anyway. Bu sizin için, Cisil.

Sometimes in life I feel so blessed with all the things I have: my beautiful home, my loved Hubbie and the little Toddler, my sunshine. Top of all that, comes days like this.

I came home from work, freezing and tired. I curled up to säkkituoli (what the hell is "säkkituoli" in English?) with the Baby and we read he's favorite animal book. World stops, we are in no hurry.

Just when I think I could not be any happier, I read comments from my other blog. And there is this reader from Turkey, Cisil, doing everything in her power to make us feel welcome on our holiday to Istanbul. An Angel she is, really is.

Not to be too sentimental, I must tell you: feeling so happy I decided to make a BIG cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. BIG mistake. Not feeling so good anymore :P


  1. Oh, my dear!
    I wish I could write in Finnish as well.. Now, I feel soo o bleessed and happy. What I feel is really indescribable.. Indeed, I am so thankful for your special care and writing about about me. I am blushing..
    Hopefully you will enjoy your holiday :) and dont forget to let me know before you come.
    Thank you
    Loveees <3

  2. Beanbag chair!

    Terveisin, aiemmin ilmoittautumaton bloginlukija

  3. ^ Thanks! Ja kiva kun jätit merkin itsestäsi. Aurinkoista viikonloppua!